UKG Integration Services

Integrate your UKG solution such with other key business systems including Payroll, HR, POS, Scheduling, Business Intelligence as well as hardware devices with UKG integration services from Connected Data Solutions.

Data drives any successful business, therefore it is essential that this data is accurate and systems are kept up to date in a timely manner.

With UKG integration services from Connected Data Solutions, we can help you take control of your data by accelerating time to value. Integrating your key systems prevents data inconsistency, data errors, data duplication and thus improves your teams efficiency.

With over 20 years’ experience in providing data integration solutions, using the latest tools such as Dell Boomi, Workforce Integration Manager (WIM) and Talend, our team of experts are on hand to design build and support a solution to meet your business requirements.


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The Benefits of Integrating your Data

Take control of your data with integration services

from Connected Data Solutions

By automatically integrating data between key systems, the chances of data duplication are greatly reduced if not irradicated.
Entering data into a single master system which is then automatically integrated into required systems prevents errors and data inconsistency.
Data can be automatically updated between systems preventing data having to be entered multiple times manually. This in-turn increases efficiency and productivity.

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