Retrieve an employee list using Workforce Central API’s

Retrieve an employee list using Workforce Central API’s

A list of employees can easily be retrieved by using the Workforce Central (WFC) ‘HyperFindQuery’ API in conjunction with the ‘Run Query’ action. This API will return a list of employees and optional related data based on the provided Hyper Find name.

Basic API Use

In it’s simplest form, you simply pass the following parameters:

  • Name of the Hyper Find
    This is the name of any Hyper Find as configured in Workforce Central
  • Span of dates
    A from and to date range which is used to identify whether the employee is active. To use a single day simply make the from and to dates the same.
  • Visibility code
    This can be either Private or Public where private queries are visible only to the query owner and public queries are available to any user whose access profile allows it.

This simple use of the WFC API will return the person number and full name of any employee matched by the Hyper Find.

Including Person Data

By setting the ‘QueryIncludePersonFlag’ to True, the following data will be returned in addition to the basic data:

  • Base hourly wage rate
  • Payroll lock date
  • Sign off date
  • Accrual profile
  • Full time standard hours
  • Employee standard hours
  • Short name
  • Last name
  • Hire date
  • First name
  • Date of birth
  • Full time equivalancies

Including User Data

If you want to include user data you can set the ‘QueryIncludeUserFlag’ tag to true. This will include the following additional data to the results:

  • User account name
  • Password update flag
  • Password updated date and time
  • Logon profile name

Including WTK Employee Data

Finally, you can include certain WTK Employee data by setting the ‘QueryIncludeWTKEmployeeFlag’ to true. This will return the following additional data:

  • Sign off date
  • Accrual profile name
  • Timezone name
  • Schedule group name
  • Pay rule name
If you would like help with this API or any of the other Workforce Central API’s, contact our experts today.

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