UKG announces Kronos Workforce Central end of life

UKG announces Kronos Workforce Central end of life

In an announcement to customers on 22nd October 2022, UKG (formerly Kronos) notified users across the globe of it’s plans to retire Workforce Central.¬† Kronos Cloud (KPC) as of 31st December 2025 and on-premise Workforce Central end of life (WFC) will be 27th March 2027.

Thousands of customers will need to start making plans to migrate their workforce management solution to UKG’s newest offering, UKG Dimensions, within the next few years.


Is it normal for software companies to retire their products?

Absolutely, Workforce Central has been around for nearly two decades and during this time Workforce Central has received many updates with new a powerful features. However, as we know, the world of IT is always changing with new, more powerful and secure technologies.

UKG’s new flagship product, Dimensions, has been several years in the making and makes full use of the very latest technology.

What needs considering when migrating?

As you can imagine, prior to migrating from Workforce Central to Dimensions,  there are many things that need taking into consideration including:

  • Rules and Configuration
    Dimensions is a new product and may have new and better options available to you. It would also be an ideal opportunity to evaluate your existing rules and configuration, is there a more efficient, streamlined way?
  • Interfaces
    Over the years your business may have built up an extensive list of interfaces possibly including payroll exports, employee imports, schedule imports etc. Part of the migration process will be to evaluate all of these interfaces. Are they still used, does Dimensions have an automated method of performing the same tasks, can some interfaces be combined.
  • Custom Reports
    Similar to interfaces, you may have a list of custom reports which have been built over the years. Each of these will also need evaluating for the same reasons.

These are just a few of the things that need to be taken into consideration.

Can Connected Data Solutions help with migrating from WFC to WFD?

In short, yes. Connected Data Solutions have many years experience working with both Workforce Central and Dimensions. We have certified experts across all areas of the products including configuration, integration, custom reporting and custom development. This makes us your ideal partner to help with the migration process.