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Finding the best technology solutions can make a substantial difference to the way your organisation is structured. We work hard to find solutions to time management, data tracking and flexible working environments that encourage a proactive organisational culture.

We work hard to generate modern-facing hardware, software, and cloud solutions that support your workforce management scheduling and data handling. With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, we have the ability to create tailored expert workplace solutions that fit the requirements and needs of your organisation.

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Needs of the Travel Sector

There are a variety of departments and needs within the travel sector and requires for each team to change every season. Therefore, aligning each department and team within the travel sector is essential.

Adaptability is a key aspect to consider, with customer and industry behaviour interchanging frequently, it’s important to ensure data is easy to handle and easy to access. This ensures the team is communicative across the various departments and there is consistency in data available.

Our unparalleled attendance board systems ensure you understand the flow and proactiveness of your workforce. This is ensuring the processes that are in place are met to the compliance regulations, delivering high-quality customer service as a result.

Problems you face

Keeping track of extensive data backlogs can be challenging if you don’t have a strong system in place. At Connected Data Solutions we are committed to finding a workforce management system that is implemented with your traditional platforms to track and store strong innovative data across each department.

It’s key to understanding the functionality of your team, allowing you to effectively balance labor and workforce costs for optimum profitability and employee proactivity.

Additional complications to consider are complicated consumer requirements, varied seasons and regulations. By using a strong, easy to use, workforce management system, your team can focus on the service they deliver and efficiently input data for you to analyse and assess.

Our solutions

HR & Payroll – It’s vital to any workforce management software to accurately track and store HR and Payroll data. This is to ensure security measures are met and real-time shift tracking gives full insight into the productivity of your team and how best to allocate jobs, tasks and responsibilities as well as providing evidence to grow your team or minimise it based on these elements.

Scheduling & Attendance Board – Specialist workforce management software can automate schedules and attendance logs for your team. Tracking absence, sick, holiday rotas, helping to organise your HR and employee data ensures they are compliant with the latest industry legislation.

Business Intelligence & Reporting – Using our tailor-made software systems, we can help provide extensive reports and data analysis which helps you understand the flow of work and departmental productivity. This data offers invaluable insights into how to manage your team and grow your businesses using evidence of potential trends and interests.

All our expert solutions are developed with your requirements in mind, tailoring to the needs and requirements of your organisation to bring value and insight for stronger business and managerial decisions.

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