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Our expert solutions are designed to address each sector’s unique requirements. From Workforce Management Systems to Attendance Boards we aspire to help our clients to gain control of their data. This allows for a more efficient structure when planning the management of your team.

With over 50 years’ experience in handling intricate data, we have the capability to support you with your data management needs. Offering entirely tailored software solutions, meeting the requirements and needs of your organisation.

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Needs of the Services Sector

It’s key for the services sector to gain control of the economic sectors, handing insightful data to predict trends, requirements to provide high-quality services, training and consulting.

We use extensive data reports to produce actionable alerts, tasks and project management in order to plan workload and disperse this effectively across your workforce. These insights will allow stronger optimisation of your team that will in turn improve business efficiency.

The capability to schedule across multiple departments and services allows us to provide the opportunity for growth and strengthen the service they provide as well as the quality of their deliverance.

The Problems You Face

Within the services sector, there are a variety of departments that take care and control different aspects of the industry. From consultancy to training, there are huge opportunities to capitalise on a variety of industry trends across the globe. This takes advantage of a gap in the market and begin targeting high-functioning services.

However, gaining control and effectively categorising these data trends can become difficult, ensuring the team is equally divided to allow each member of staff to complete their requirements to meet deadlines and stay proactive against competitors.

Our Solutions

HR & Payroll – Assisting with HR and management data control this helps to clarify your targets and goals. Teams will be taking on what elements and storing client and staff information in one easy-to-digest system. Removing the need for multiple elf-input spreadsheet systems this allows you to be more time-efficient and focused on the growth of your business.

Scheduling & Time Management – It’s vital to any workforce management software to accurately track and store HR and Payroll data. This ensures security measures are met and real-time shift tracking gives full insight into the productivity of your team and how best to allocate jobs, tasks and responsibilities as well as providing evidence to grow your team or minimise it based on these elements.

Attendance Board – Specialist workforce management software can automate schedules and attendance logs for your team. Tracking absence, sick and holiday rotas helps to organise your HR and employee data, ensuring they are compliant with the latest industry legislation.

Business Intelligence & Reporting – Continuous flow of real-time data to update the team of progress in a bid to increase productivity and efficiency. This is making sure your team is where they need to be at the best time. This insightful data and information are guaranteed to help with business development, strategy forecasting, monitoring workflow, tasks, and workplace responsibilities to help make impactful business decisions.

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