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Retail is an exceptionally competitive market. Our experienced team has supported a variety of large corporations with their industry-leading software, providing innovative workforce management systems to aid with productivity. We have a thorough understanding of customer experience management, online shopping experiences, data privacy, built-in POS systems and more.

We are fully committed to supporting the retail sector with workforce data management systems and commercial software helping you get a handle on your data.

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Needs of the Retail Sector

There are many key industry specific factors that must be taken into account. They must have a clear understanding of their customers and their behaviors, allowing for decisions to be made based on evidence.

Therefore, a highly functioning data management system that tracks, compiles, inputs and outputs all company data is fundamental. Helping to keep all your data in one convenient platform, helps to support inventory, bookkeeping, loyalty schemes, payroll and other business intelligence.

This produces a detailed analysis of activity, engagement, and trends.

We offer our expertise to create forward-thinking solutions that help organise your data in order to forecast market trends, workplace management, customer behaviours and business opportunities. We have the ability to bring order to the variety of information within this sector by compiling tailored systems that bring value to your business. We have experience in handling extensive analytical data and our unparalleled reputation proves we know what we’re doing.

The problems you face

There is a huge quantity of data resulting from their business activity which can be a difficult thing to track and organise. With a workforce management system, you can guarantee an easy-to-follow dashboard helping you keep tabs on the data you need.

Other issues run from duplication from manually inputting data into the system, keeping track of multiple data sources to storing staff and customer data to producing insightful data analysis based on these elements.
It’s easy for details to be missed or overlooked, or not stored correctly.

Our solutions

POS systems – Integrated with your tills, inventory, bookkeeping and sales helps to provide full data reports that help you keep tabs on your business, trends and customer behaviour. This enables a strong, evidence-based business strategy to continue growth.

Admin/HR support – Payroll systems ensures everyone receives their pay. This support also includes attendance boards, keeping track of clocking in and out, staff sales rates, holiday and sickness.

Removing the risk of fragmented records – ensuring duplicates and inaccuracies are eliminated.

Data reports – Insightful data and information to help with business development and strategic forecasting.

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