We understand how complex the data behind the manufacturing sector can be, which is why we are on hand to help you manage your workforce efficiency with the help of software solutions tailor-built by our team of experts.

Through our analytical process we aim to reach your operational goals, help to streamline, automate, organise your HR and departmental admin in order to reduce manual input labor. This ensures your team remains motivated and proactive in their work. This reduces labor costs, improves compliance, removes the risk of errors and data inaccuracies all while keeping valuable data such as real-time project management, payroll tracking and attendance boards. Producing insightful data management systems that provide insightful data analytics that help to innovate your business.

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Needs of the Manufacturing Sector

It’s key to ensure all systems are accurate within your system. There are a variety of departments, policies and books to keep an effective workforce. With a busy schedule and daily goals to meet an easy-to-follow system is vital to ensure full productivity and focus.

We understand how important workforce force management systems are within the industry. They provide detailed analytical data reports to assist with forecasting and project management across the floor. This helps to run a productive team while meeting the needs and requirements of their own clientele.

The problems you face

This intense amount of data recording from multiple separate systems, it can be difficult to organise and manage when running your organisation and its workforce.
With multiple deadlines to meet all while managing your team within each department, staff management and HR can become overwhelming, especially without an automotive data software system tracking and piecing together their data.

It’s vital to be able to effectively bring these sources together to compile all varieties of data into a fully functioning system that not only structures the team but provides valuable information.

Our solutions

Reporting & Scheduling – We provide in-depth data reporting analysis, helping to understand your business and its goals to forecast trends and interest. This allows you to effectively schedule your time management and your team’s focus to ensure you are working towards actionable and event-driven goals.

Business Intelligence – Business intelligence comprises the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for analytical business data. We use these systems to clarify and innovate business structures and decisions to ensure growth and project management.

Shop Floor Data Capture – This innovative app allows us to integrate your current systems to track shop floor progression, productivity and task completion allowing data to be entered in real-time on the floor itself. This provides insights into the working day and how this can be developed in the future.

HR & Payroll – Assisting with HR and management data control, helping to clarify your targets and goals, teams will be taking on what elements and storing client and staff information in one easy-to-digest system. Removing the need for multiple self-input spreadsheet systems, allowing you to be more time-efficient and focused on the growth of your business.

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