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Needs of the Logistics Sector

The workforce management data system within the logistics sector is critical. The data it collects and compiles offer key insights into workforce activity, orders, financial status, inventory management, as well as real-time data capture and other important HR information.

These platforms are paramount in increasing efficiency and staff planning for flawless production and organisation, ensuring the business continues with a methodical approach using accurate real-time data for business growth and development.

Helping to monitor your order volume and organise your business process from picking, packing to shipping and delivery. We have the capability to support you throughout the process, providing a solution that fits your requirements. We provide detailed tailored workforce solutions to efficiently allocate your time and resources, ensuring team proactivity and productivity are met which saves time, money, and effort.

Our team of experts generates bespoke software and reporting platforms to help you track real-time shop floor movements. This integrates them with your current data management systems to provide a collaborative application that brings value to your organisation.

The problems you face

The logistics sector being incredibly fast-paced, time management is vital. With multiple data sources this includes destinations, produce, deliveries and deadlines. Throughout multiple departments it can be difficult to accurately pinpoint your focus and organise your departments for maximum productivity.

Real-time workflow data is invaluable within this industry, helping to track shop floor progression, activity and task completion. Providing insights into the working day and how this can be developed in the future for optimum work rate efficiency.

Our solutions

HR & Payroll – Assisting with HR and management data control, helping to clarify your targets and goals the teams will be taking on what elements and storing client and staff information in one easy-to-digest system. Removing the need for multiple input spreadsheet systems, allows you to be more time-efficient and focused on the growth of your business.

Scheduling – Scheduling tasks such as order processing, delivery, packing, other workforce planning and management helps to allocate your team based on data. This allows you to confidently make business decisions that positively impact your team and their work rate.

Reporting & Business Intelligence – Continuous flow of real-time data helps update the team of their progress in a bid to increase productivity and efficiency. This makes sure the team is where they need to be at the best time. Monitoring workflow, tasks and workplace responsibilities help make impactful business decisions.

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