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We understand the fast-paced nature of the emergency services sector. Our expert solutions allow you to focus on the most important factors of the role, supporting public health and wellbeing. We provide functioning workforce software solutions to help organise, schedule, track important data and documents. Our specialist bespoke features allow your systems to be integrated into our tailor-made platforms to help you get a hold of your data in an entirely personalised dashboard. We are here to support you every step of the way to your needs!

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Needs of the Emergency Services Sector

We can provide efficient, easy access systems to support the organisation of your team. Designing and implementing real-time data systems that track the productivity of your team, forms, attendance board and other HR documents. The unpredictable nature of the industry means that all software must be assessable from the field, secure and able to be used around busy schedules and compliant.

Our software is built to collaborate with your existing systems, meaning we can successfully integrate with your current software solutions to provide a more extensive and personalised system. Help to track time management and workflow to ensure everyone is where they need to be and all patients are accounted for. Managing complex scheduling models and HR data saving you time and money.

The problems faced

Often, resources are stretched and with the unpredictability of each shift, it’s difficult to plan, prep and manage workforce time, causing issues for time management and scheduling.

This is key for those working hard to provide a support the public sector, tracking who is on and off shift, where they need to be and ensuring compliance and regulations are being met.
It’s vital to ensure systems are hassle-free. Our team of experts create systems that provide easy access and manage worksheets, documents, and other vital data ensuring the job is as efficient and as possible.

Our solutions

HR & Payroll – Assisting with HR and management data control, helping to clarify your targets and goals. Teams will be taking on what elements and storing client and staff information in one easy-to-digest system. Removing the need for multiple spreadsheet systems and rotas, this allows you to become more efficient while focusing on delivering the appropriate care and attention.

Scheduling & Time Management – Scheduling and time management is a detrimental part of the emergency services. By creating cloud-based scheduling tools we are providing the platform that will effectively assist you in scheduling time management and your team’s focus to ensure actionable and attentive public service is provided.

Attendance Board – Storing additional HR documentation in one easy-to-access platform to help reduce admin and manual data input. This gives you time to focus on the important caregiving aspects of the role ensuring the team is effectively dispersed for optimum public safety and care.

Business Intelligence & Reporting – Our automated healthcare tailored workforce solution gives you the access to in-depth data analysis, real-time insights into the productivity of your team, sickness, holiday, absence forms and other data required by your team. Creating a reliable source to help assist with the planning and procedure of your goals.

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